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Nightclub  Protection Training and Course Outline


The training program has been taught in several formats and can be tailored to fit your business. All training is on site at your location.

The biggest problem we face in nightclub security is the serious lack of education/training. Today nightclubs, as a last resort, are hiring off-duty police and bikers to work their clubs. This is a serious mistake. Over 95% of all the lawsuits filed against nightclubs and bars today are a result of incompetent or over-excessive security personal. Remember nightclub protection is a serious business!!!!!

NNSC is the only agency that specializes in all levels of Nightclub and Bar Protection.

All employees are trained in the following areas:  ( This only covers the basics. There are over 125 areas to cover)

01. Direct Supervision
02. Drug ID
03. Principles of Protection
04. CPR, First Aid and AED
05. Electronic Security
06. Human Behavior
07. Electronic Devices
08. Statement Taking
09. Cultural Awareness
10. Classes of Crimes
11. Dooeman Rights
12. Loitering
13. Handling Difficult Situations
14. Client Relations
15. Arrest
16. Incident Logs
17. Shift Logs
18. Armed Security
19. Club Law
20. Use of Force Law
21. Noise Exposure
22. Unacceptable Conduct
23. Media Relation
24. Fire Relation
25. ID Check
26. Use of Alcohol Levels
27. Basic Bartending
28. Anger Control
29. Alcohol Shutdown
30. LCB Rules and Regulations
31. Liabilities
32. Crowd Control