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Club Management

From a management standpoint as a club owner, you need to pay very close attention to some specific point's to ensure a profitable and effectively executed business opportunity.  These point's are as follow's:

Quality Control

It is important to pay close attention to how your staff operates within your business.  Your staff need's to operate within certain and specific guideline's which you create, thus ensuring maximum profit potential to your organization as well as minimizing you "profit loss."  It is important to place excellent bartendars in an area where they can perform to the peak of thier potential but keeping them in area where your management and security team's, as well as yourself can keep a close eye on thier action's all at the same time.  This is also important when dealing with the placement of your dancer's, dj's and any staff you have working the floor.  With proper placement of these individual's you will ensure well placed "quality control."  

Security Personnel

Your security personnel is key in executing timely intervention's in to potential or existing isssue's that may occur prior to, during and after club event's.  Your security team must keep an eye on each other as well as "EVERYTHING" else going on around them, thus keeping any confrontation to a minimum each night.  Your security team has everything to do with your quality control and profit loss standard's.  Your security team is the eye's and ear's of your organization, while your client's are busy enjoying themselves and your other employee's are focusing on thier specific job details, they will focus on all matter's that involve the safety of your venue.  As such, you must demand exceptional performance from them and create a vigorous set of standard's for them to follow.  When your security team is at it's peak in performance all other matter's will fall into place.

Profit Loss

Profit loss pretty much speaks for itself.  Pay attention to your till's, the tip jar's, alcohol and other drink usage based on price per unit.  Pay very close attention to the employee's that have money going through thier hand's.  The less money you see the more money it will cost to operate your venue.

Client Safety

To ensure the most in client safety you must pay attention to all OSHA, borough, city, state, fire and any other regulation's that must be followed by law.  IMPORTANT:  If the law say's you must follow certain standard's to operate a business, FOLLOW THEM!!!!