Club Promotions

At NNSC we believe that a strong inter-network promotion team is one of the greatest way's to initiate a strong, healthy and profitable interest into you club or bar.  By "inter-network" we mean a team within your agency or a team that is focused on your agency that will provide a strong and meaningful promotion basis to your organization. We can provide that style of promotion at a reasonable cost to you.  Some of the method's that we can offer to initiate a strong clientel is excessive Myspace bulletin, messaging and "likeness friendship gathering."  We also provide mass "email targeting," direct connection to mainstream promotion, as well as many other heavy promotion targeting avenue's at our disposal.

Let us explain on an individual basis what each one of these promotion avenue's can provide.

Myspace Bulletin, Messaging & "Likeness Friendship Gathering"

This avenue is exceptionally beneficial due to our unique way of gathering target clientele for your organization.  In this avenue we target specific area's around your club that would greatly increase the clientele entering your door's.  We make our targeting geared toward the age requirements, the area in which your organization is located and how far out you are willing to promote.  Mass bulletin's create a "visual candy" to potential clientel, the more they open and see it, the less chance they will forget.  Mass messaging create's a more personalized invitation to potential clientel, if they feel that you are speaking to them they will be more interested.  "Likeness friendship gathering" creates a base clientel to repeatedly promote against for upcoming event's within your organization, again the more they see it, the less they will forget, and the less they forget the better chance you will have to see those people walking through your door.  Once the client get's there it is up to you to keep them coming back.

Email Targeting

This avenue is a system that when used properly create's an exceptional and often profitable interest in your organization.  By properly targeting potential client's who are interested in recieving email's about upcoming event's or a recent opening, you can fill your club within a reasonable amount of time.  This avenue take's proper planning and careful execution.

Direct Connect/Mainstream Promotion

Here at NNSC we have direct connection to important mainstream promotion avenue's such as newspaper's, magazine's, television and radio.  These can provide an especially heavy promotion targeting to a broader range of clientele.  When all four of these bases are effectively touched at the same times or interchanging time's the potential to fill you club is increasingly heightened.  A great avenue for those that are willing to "dig a little deeper."

Other areas for promotions:

News paper
Ground Stomping



So you think a DJ and cheap drinks are the answer to making money in your club? You only get 20 shots out of a bottle, why give them away. Who cares who the DJ is, patrons want the right music to dance to.

Stop copying what every club in your area is doing, it makes you one of many, instead one of a kind. Stop wasting time, money and energy on lame nightclub promotions.

Every club has a dance floor, lights, sound, a DJ or band, but what every club is missing is "THE FUN." Nightclub Promotions are vital to the success of your club. I have to shake my head at Club Owners who lay over and let new clubs open without circumventing them.

They also fail to take major steps to take the thunder out of their opening.

You never ever, let a new club open and give them a free pass.

You never ever, lower drink prices because your competition is.

You never ever close more nights, because you can't draw patrons.

You never ever settle for mediocre nightclub promotions.

You never ever let your employees dictate your path.

You never ever give Ladies a night where they drink free.

You never ever listen to radio sales people, they only want the "buy."

You never ever pay a club promoter to pack your club.

You never ever operate without a strategy and game plan.

You never ever read a book to learn nightclub promotions.

You always think, plan, promote, present and pack your club with Premier Nightclub Promotions