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NNSC can specifically perform a 2, 4, 6  hour evaluation exclusively on bartender integrity, or it can include a mystery shop of your service staff for an hour, as well as, a bar theft detection spot for an hour all inclusive in the price of one evaluation. The evaluation also includes summaries on the overall facility, host staff (including a recorded phone call that is sent to you ), busser or bar back staff, security services, management, as well as, food and beverage quality


Numerous competing bar spotter companies are unstructured, inadequate and not very beneficial as they were usually based out of state and moreover, supply unqualified.

The spotters are then randomly selected from a pool of thousands of untrained applicants. Many times, senior citizens, who are simply looking for a free meal and know nothing of the intricacies of bar service. And for bar spotting, a member of a local security firm or an off duty police officer, are sent in at minimum wage plus benefits, to detect bar theft/integrity issues when the subject has never tended bar in their life!

A bartender's organization, motions, and mannerisms are very unique and discrepancies and integrity issues can only be detected by a spotter who has bartended and understands these nuances.

That's why at NNSC, our spotters are very carefully selected and chosen for the unique skills necessary to evaluate at the level expected. Meticulous screening and training are the norm, and they are seasoned professionals who understand the importance that proper customer service means to the success of a company. Moreover, all our spotters possess knowledge and many years of experience either in the restaurant, bar, nightclub, hotel, and customer service industries in order to properly evaluate for bar theft and integrity concerns.