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Employee History Check

Employee backgrounds must be made by the owner or management of the club.  
Criminal records offers protection from the increasing threat of Negligent Hiring. While criminal records searches would be necessary for any potential employee, it is critical for positions involving public contact, supervisory responsibility and handling large quantities of cash and/or merchandise. Many government agencies already mandate this practice. NNSC supplies a wide array of criminal record searches including county, state, federal, national and even international search options. Let us help you by providing your organization with the proper Due Diligence screening tools.

NNSCunderstands that criminal court records across the United States are stored and maintained in many different ways. Our Field Quality Department tracks and researches records storage procedures and search criteria in over 10,000 court jurisdictions across the country. NNSC maintains a current list of court closers and delays and incidents of natural disasters that may delay the process of providing timely and accurate results. Your order will be completed within 12 hours of payment.

State Criminal Convictions
Federal Criminal Convictions
Sex Offender Registries
Address Histories
State and Federal
Tax Liens
Civil Judgments
Alias and Maiden Names
Age Verification
High Risk Address Flag
Spouse Search
Death Index
Possible Businesses
Property Ownership
Possible Marriages and Divorces

Basic Search:      $ 125.00
Advance Search: $ 250.00
Contact us to place an order:

Employee Check Dept
119 Greenwood, Drive
Bridgeville, PA 15017
1-412-706-2977 - Pittsburgh Office
1-267-603-3772 - Philadelphia Office