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Club and Bar Tips

Are you protecting your bar from theft

It's estimated that 50% of bartenders steal. With a percentage like
that, theft is a very real threat to your bar business.

While we don't believe that every bartender steals, we do believe that
you should protect yourself from possible theft by putting some
safeguards in place.

Here are 3 of the best ways to catch theft before it gets out of hand:

Random Inventory Checks

When theft happens in your bar, it will usually affect your inventory
levels. Whether bartenders are giving away drinks for free or charging
for higher priced liquor and actually serving well liquor, it will show
in your inventory.

Doing inventory checks at unscheduled times can catch the differences
in inventory that are red flags for theft.

Perform random inventory checks at different days and shifts through
the month. When you do these checks, do not involve your bartenders
in the inventory count.

Enforcement of Transaction Procedures

Another way to minimize theft is to enforce a strict set of guidelines
for transactions. If bartenders have no chance to overcharge customers
or fail to ring in sales, it is much harder to steal cash.

Develop rules for transaction procedures requiring that customers'
totals are stated "That'll be $13.50 out of $20.", cash goes immediately
into the drawer after a sale and that every customer gets a receipt.

Place the list of guidelines near the pos system or cash register and
make sure that management enforces the rules.

Comparing Bartender Sales

Typically when a bartender is stealing from you, his sales will not
keep up with the average for your bar or they will be erratic from
shift to shift.

Record each bartender's sales in a spreadsheet and determine the average
sales for the week.

If you have a staff member who is way below the average or has big
highs and lows during the week, keep a close watch on that person
because they might be stealing from you.


Name recognition to your advantage?

Name recognition can be powerful for you bar. When you get your name
out there in front of people they think of you when they want to catch
a beer after work or get together with friends for a night out.

Here are some ways to build your name recognition:

Pass Business Cards

Have business cards printed with your bar's name, hours and a discount
drink coupon on the back. Carry them with you and pass them out when
you meet someone new.

Give them to your employees to distribute to people they meet also.
This builds your name recognition and also your word of mouth. Soon
you'll be the bar that everyone is talking about.

Advertise on T-Shirts

The Salty Dog Cafe in Hilton Head, SC has built amazing name recognition
with the shirts that they sell to their customers. They sell multi
colored t-shirts for around $15, making a profit on the shirts and
using their customers as walking billboards.

We've seen Salty Dog Cafe shirts in places all over the country and
even overseas. Keep your eye out and you'll probably see one this week.

There's no reason why your bar can't do what the Salty Dog does. Design
an interesting t-shirt or better yet hold a t-shirt design contest for
your customers and choose the best design. Have staff wear the shirts.
Make them inexpensive and easy to buy.

Include a Glass

Another way to put your bar into people's minds is to give them
something with your bar's name that they'll use often.

An easy way to do this is with a special glass printed with your bar's
name that is included in the price of a specialty drink or signature

People will see the glasses and remember the good time they
had at your bar. When others see the glasses they'll want to know
what your bar is all about.