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National Nightclub Security Council was established in 1997.

The National Nightclub Security Council, is an independent membership organization, Think tank, Publisher and Training provider dedicated to being up to date resources for its basic members, board members, business owners, managers, educators and students,  and other interested citizens in order to help them better understand the nightclub/bar security training and policy choices facing the bar/club owners, Managers, Security Supervisors and Security staff in todays world.

Today NNSC is one of the largest privately held nightclub training companies in the nation offering a curriculum of over one hundred topics of academy quality nightclub training programs throughout the United States by open registration, in service and co-hosted programs. NNSC instructors bring years of hands on experience in their area of expertise and instructional fields.

Sales and Instructor Job Openings

Bouncer Law

Training Contact

The Board Members provides overall direction of the Council. The Councilís staff includes the following:

Director of Training
Membership Director
Chief of Police
County DAs Office
Club/Bar Owners

We also offer a sub-council that has ten members that are Bar/Club Owners, and Security staff that work with the main board.

NNSC provids a wide range of very specialized services including but not limited to the following:

Nightclub and Bar Risk Management
Doorman/Bouncer Training
Doorman/Bouncer Supervisor Training
Doorman/Bouncer Placement
Management Operations
Employee Background Checks
Safety Checks
Attorney Specializing in Liquor License Transfers and Acquistions

By operating all over the United States, many nightclubs and bars rely on us to help safeguard their executives, assets, and major investments.  National Nightclub Security Council relationship with selective strategic partners extends its capabilities within the industry.
NNSC distinguishes itself by recruiting highly motivated and professional personnel.   These personnel have a wealth of exceptional military, police and commercial experience worldwide and are renowned for dealing with  situations and complex operations.

National Nightclub Security Council